My Skills & Experience

I’m thrilled to invite you to explore my work, skills and professional experience, and get to know a bit more about me. Experienced with product management and data analytics, I love exploring new problems and using date to come up with the solution that best fits the customer's need. Take a moment to look around, and contact me directly to learn more.



My Story

Art has always been a part of my life since I could first put a pencil to paper. My Vassar College major was Studio Arts, and my jobs out of school were at the Carnegie Art Museum and the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Over the years I have done various private commissions and sold in small galleries but most importantly I have never stopped creating. For me art was always an exercise in creative problem solving, something that has proven instrumental in my personal and professional life.

Design was always the more formal representation, I built this website for the first time in 2003 using Notepad. Over the years I have built websites, designed marketing material and created a handful of logos. I have presented at numerous meetups, conferences, and work related meetings and making a solid, clear deck was always a valued skill.  

In the last 11 years I found the power of data. My career in tech exposed me to large scale distribution for beverage companies, automotive websites and marketing, grocery ecommerce, Vermont state government open data, and now social media threat detection. I have been in the trenches of Customer Support, worked with clients as an account manager, developed marketing plans with international brands, analyzed performance of accounts, explored datasets, developed competitive intelligence and crafted product vision. Data was the linchpin of it all and teaching myself Data Science and Python was one of the best things I could have done.

With my varied background I take pride in all that I do and in the long-term relationships I’ve fostered in the process. I firmly believe that diversity in experience, hard work and an open mind can lead to great opportunities.